2020 - Business Analyst - Oslo


Job Description

As a Business Analyst, you are a fully participating member of the consulting team. You are expected to contribute ideas, opinions and new information. Working with experienced consultants, Business Analysts develop models, perform complex analyses, and work on research assignments at both the office and client sites. Analysts often travel while on assignments, undertaking a broad range of activities while gaining exposure to the business world. They may also participate in marketing activities and the preparation of proposals for new engagement opportunities.
Your profile
• Advanced degree from a leading university (M.Sc., MBA, PhD)
• Excellent knowledge of English and one Scandinavian language
• Preferably international experience (work or study)
• Excellent analytical skills, logical and structured thinking, creative in problem solving
• Good personal and interpersonal attributes (e.g. results-oriented and a performance-oriented work style, creativity, entrepreneurial qualities, personal maturity)
• Ambitious, motivated, high energy personality, with leadership skills and a collaborative personality
• Excellent communication skills both oral and written
• High integrity and reliability
Business Analysts are members of the team who work on our client engagements from day one and have direct interaction with client employees. Generally, expectations of a Business Analyst position are listed as follows:
• Conduct analysis of large sets of data with limited guidance
• Identify issues, structure and conduct necessary analysis and draw conclusions
• Be an active team member
• Prepare and structure documents with minor guidance
• Learn the consulting profession and be a good team player
• Show initiative in performing research and obtaining needed data
• Be sensitive to business opportunities

Language Requirements

English and a Scandinavian Languages (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish)