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Job Description

Position Title:


Primary function and responsibilities:



The primary job for the Analyst falls into project team support and business/knowledge development

Primary function and responsibility details:

Project team support:

  • Work with project teams to understand, refine and prioritize their research needs. Through discussions with requestors, identify the key issues and determine the most appropriate, cost-effective and timely research solutions
  • Whilst identifying issues, they should also form hypotheses with appropriate direction and guidance
  • Proactively ask questions to clarify scope and approach
  • Conduct high quality analysis by validating assumptions, developing a rigorous fact base and identifying data anomalies
  • Gather the necessary raw information using a broad spectrum of sources and organize, analyze, and synthesize the findings into targeted, firm-formatted end products with some interpretation of the “so what” of the research
  • These end products may be in the form of spreadsheets, written summaries or single exhibits, utilizing financial calculations when appropriate
  • Participate in team brainstorming and creative thinking sessions to help generate innovative ideas/solutions
  • Follow project plan to complete deliverables on time
  • Develop effective client relationships
  • Work well with client team and learn to obtain information and/or deliverables needed from clients 

Business/knowledge development:

  • Analyst is expected to begin to build and develop knowledge in one or more “spikes” (e.g., industry, function, or geography) and tap into the firmwide network, where available
  • A solid understanding of a specific content area and its salient issues form the basis for learning of Business Analyst rank. To help build your expertise, you will develop basic fact packs, summaries, and be assigned portions of larger documents in your area of focus

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Communications. Good written and oral communication skills, including appropriate style, confidence, and structure; effective listening skills
  • Service orientation. Excellent customer focus, including proactive responses to project-team needs with thoughtfulness, commitment, and diligence
  • Team skills. Collaboration, cooperation, and respect
  • Motivation. The drive to learn continuously and the application of those learnings for the benefit of the firm and our clients
  • Creativity. Pursuit of out-of-the-box solutions whenever possible
  • Time management skills. Reliability, dependability, and an ability to manage workload effectively
  • Ethics. Compliance with company policies at all times
  • Constantly motivated and reliable
  • Responds positively to coaching and guidance
  • Seek feedback on his/her own performance, strengths and development needs
  • Understand who the stakeholders are and their roles within his/her scope of work
  • Additional languages

Technical Skills






  • IT Proficiency. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Source knowledge. Solid source knowledge in area of expertise, if relevant; increasing source quality recognition and use of possible proxies
  • Industry/functional knowledge. An understanding of the landscape of area of expertise (market shares, major players, etc.)
  • Request scoping/problem solving. Good investigative problem-solving skills – ability to help refine and focus project team requests and objectives
  • Numerical//financial skills. Good understanding of standard financial calculations, ratios and concepts and general business concepts and terminology
  • Research output. Excellent skills in synthesizing data into Firm- accepted formats to produce structured exhibits and spreadsheets and the extraction of the “so-what’s” from research 
  • Knowledge output. Proactiveness in sharing knowledge with co-workers and project teams




  • An undergraduate degree from a top tier institution with demonstrated analytical expertise; demonstrated strong academic performance and achievements

Previous Experience


Application Dates

  • Candidates for this role will be entrepreneurial self-starters who enjoy the challenges and rewards of research work in a dynamic and changing environment. Position is targeted at Fresh Graduates and/or professionals with up to 1-year experience in top firms.


We have structured our program into three cycles throughout the year to ensure a fair and thorough evaluation of all candidates.

The application cycles are as follows:

  • January 
  • May
  • September 

If you have applied during any of these cycles. You can expect to hear back from us within a reasonable timeframe. Our team will diligently review your application and reach out to you

accordingly. However, if you have applied outside of these designated cycles, we would like to inform you that our response time may be longer due to the prioritization of applicants within the active cycles. While we strive to maintain efficient communication, we kindly ask for your patience during these periods. Rest assured; we will make every effort to respond to your application as soon as possible. 





Language Requirements

English and Arabic is a must.