2020 - Research Analyst - Middle East

Intern/TraineeMiddle East & AfricaRiyadh

Job Description

Research Analyst - for GCC nationals
The primary job responsibilities for Research Analysts fall into two categories: project team support and business/knowledge development.

Project team support: Research Analyst is responsible for working with project teams to understand, refine and prioritize their research needs. Through discussions with requestors you will identify the key issues and determine the most appropriate, cost-effective and timely research solutions. 

RA gathers the necessary raw information using a broad spectrum of sources and will organize, analyze, and synthesize the findings into targeted, firm-formatted end products with some interpretation of the “so what” of the research. 
These end products may be in the form of single exhibits, written summaries, basic fact packs, and spreadsheets, utilizing standard financial concepts, ratios and calculations.

Business/knowledge development: RA is expected to begin to build and develop knowledge one or more “spikes” (e.g., industry, function, or geography) and tap into the firm wide network, where available. 

A solid understanding of a specific content area and its salient issues form the basis for advancement in the IRC career path.  To help build your expertise, you will develop basic fact packs, summaries, and be assigned portions of larger documents in your area of focus.
Location of the position - Riyadh.
If you are interested to apply, please submit one-page CV, one-page Cover Letter and the most recent grades.
We will get back to you with our decision within 3 weeks after submission date.

IMPORTANT - Please also upload your ID. 


Language Requirements

English and Arabic