2021 - Experienced Hires - Oslo


Job Description

We look for qualified candidates with several years of work experience in a leading consulting company or at a managerial position in an industrial enterprise. The specifics of your experience and profile will determine the role/rank we will consider you for – Associate, Manager or Principal. Please refer to our home page for a description of these ranks or contact us to discuss how your profile may fit with Kearney.


As a senior consultant at Kearney you are expected to have an excellent professional expertise (functional competence and industry knowledge) and experience in management and leadership relative to your rank.


Your profile

• Strong industry background in specific industry(ies)

• Advanced degree from a leading university (M.Sc., MBA, PhD)

• Excellent knowledge of English in addition to at least one Scandinavian language

• Preferably international experience (work or study)

• Excellent analytical skills, logical and structured thinking, creative in problem solving

• Superior personal and interpersonal attributes (e.g. results-oriented and a performance-oriented work style, creativity, entrepreneurial qualities, personal maturity)

• Ambitious, motivated, high energy personality, with leadership skills but collaborative personality

• Excellent communication skills both oral and written

• High integrity and reliability


The exact role a senior consultant plays in a project role will depend on rank and experience. But typically senior consultants participate in managing the day-to-day direction of client projects, which includes structuring and ensuring project work is continually on track and delivering superior end products to the client. They are expected to demonstrate functional competence and industry knowledge, possess expert project planning skills, adhere to schedules and be a team participant in developing and extending work. The primary areas of responsibility will include:

• Structuring and managing research and analysis

• Preparing written reports as well as preparing and delivering presentations

• Managing and delivering excellent quality work and demonstrating functional competence and industry knowledge

• Facilitating change in client organizations

• Building strong trust and credibility with clients

• Developing business opportunities, including proposals

• Managing teams of consultants to deliver excellent quality work, actively participate and contribute to work delivery

• Developing and coaching junior consultants and act as role model

• Adhering to budgets and schedules

• Contributing to extending work and developing new business and business relationships

• Contributing to company knowledge base through intellectual capital development

Language Requirements