2021/22 - Manager - ZAF

Full-timeMiddle East & AfricaJohannesburg

Job Description

As a Manager, you will be a key contributor to the growth and development of our team. In this regard, you will:

  • Consult on and manage the day-to-day direction of client projects, ensuring work is continually on track, delivering clear benefit to the client in both the short and long term, and adhering to budgets and schedules while maintaining high utilisation
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise in strategy, operations and/or organisational effectiveness within target industry sector
  • Support the development of marketable points of view on business challenges, including the creation of intellectual capital
  • Support strategic and tactical initiatives to identify, develop and extend client relationships
  • Participate in firm building opportunities, e.g. recruiting, training and mentoring
  • Managers typically have 6 to 10 years of working experience. For our Africa office, we require a very good command of the English language. 

Applications are open from 11 January 2021 – 10 September 2021


Qualifying Criteria

  • Any Undergrad & Postgrad MBA advantegous 
  • 2nd Class up per or A class grades (C+ - A+ Average)
  • Must have experience as a Manager in the consulting field
  • MUST have strong existing Management/Strategic consulting experience
  • 5+ years working experience

Required documentation to be submitted

1 page CV
Cover Letter
Copy of ID or Passport
All academic transcripts including Senior Certificate of Equivalent
Should any required documentation be missing, your application will automatically be rejected.

Language Requirements