2020 - Business Analyst Intern


Job Description

Interns (2nd part of your gap year or final internship) learn and apply the fundamentals of management consulting as they identify, study and solve business problems across a wide range of industries.

We offer an exhaustive Internship Program and our goal is to involve you in all phases of the consulting process, helping you enhance your professional skills.
You will benefit from a comprehensive performance management process that includes feedback from project teams and from your mentor.

The scope of your consulting role will increase as rapidly as your performance warrants. Most Interns receive an offer for a Business Analyst position so they can continue at Kearney after their graduation.

As an Intern, you are a fully participating member of the consulting team. You are expected to contribute ideas, opinions and new information. Working with experienced consultants, Interns develop models, perform complex analyses, and work on research assignments at both the office and client sites. Interns also participate in firm building activities and internal initiatives at the office.

Kearney offers a wide range of trainings to enhance your consulting knowledge and potential throughout your Internship.

Our Internship program is designed to offer you a valuable experience at Kearney and to prepare you to be a high-skilled Business Analyst after your graduation.

Language Requirements

Français et anglais